Become a Customer of CVTech-IBC

CVTech-IBC wishes to accompany you in the realization of your projects. We take into consideration each submitted proposal and evaluate it according to a process which determines feasibility and reciprocal advantages.

The first step of the process consists in completing the Application Form to the best of your knowledge. Send us this document by Fax or Email; you will receive confirmation thereof within 24 hours following receipt. Dossier Analysis requires from 3 days to a week. Then, a project manager will contact you for an in-depth evaluation and reply to any unanswered questions. When both parties agree to go ahead with the project, a Confidentiality Agreement must be signed, as well as a Request to Open an Account. In our communications, we advocate the protection of exchanged information and encourage cooperation and interaction. CVTech-IBC wishes to develop a partnership relationship with its Customers.


Canadian designer and manufacturer of CVT since 1969

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